WT Society s.r.o. focuses on forwarding business in the field of international and domestic transportation of goods and materials.

We provide transport not only to our long-term business partners but  we also offer our services to new customers and potential buyers. Since our start we specialize in the transport of metallurgical products – steel pipes, steel sheets, coils, raw materials for steel production as well as other materials and products. Our main destinations are West Europe, especially Germany and The Netherlands and South-East Europe, mainly Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

WT Society s.r.o. can offer various types of semi-trailers – tilt trailers, mega trailers, coil-mulde trailers, dumping trailers and ultra-light trailers for special loads up to 27 tones. Our company provides transport by our contractual carriers that we cover 100% with round trips.

We offer not only forwarding but also consulting in the field of transportation, loading logistics for the transport of steel pipes, transport of oversized cargos and a storage area for metallurgical materials.